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File:Armand Guillaumin, selfportrait, 1878.jpg - Wikipedia
Armand Guillaumin, Self Portrait with Palette, 1878
(Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam)

Who, some may wonder, is Armand Guillaumin? And why should you care?

To answer the first question, he is a French painter; he is a founding member of the association of artists who came to be called Impressionists and he exhibited with the group from the beginning in 1874 until the final show in 1886; he was a friend and colleague of Paul C├ęzanne, Camille Pissarro, Paul Gauguin, Paul Signac, Georges Seurat and Vincent van Gogh; his works are held in major museums around the world; he had a long and successful career. And yet he is often consigned to a minor role in histories of impressionism and is much less well-known to the public and even to art collectors than his colleagues.

So why should you care? Well, for anyone who appreciates art, Guillaumin’s work is a marvel to behold. He was an extremely gifted painter and an innovator who at times was years ahead of his contemporaries. He left behind a body of work that not only exemplifies the very best of French impressionism but points the way to other modern art movements like Fauvism. His work deserves to be seen more widely and studied more systematically and sympathetically than has been the case in recent decades. For lovers of art, Guillaumin’s works can be enjoyed at museums worldwide, and for collectors, they are available and attainable, even for those of modest means.

On this site, you will find an overview of the artist’s career and work, focusing primarily on the years 1868 to 1898. You’ll see a detailed account of his most important artistic associations, and a comprehensive listing of exhibitions and collections of his work.

It is hoped the visitor will gain a new appreciation for the artist and the body of work that he left us.

Blair Montgomery, 2022

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